Archivist’s Attic: Creation of the Construction Battalions

Greetings! As we kick off our new blog in which we plan to share with you excellent behind-the-scenes content from the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum, we couldn’t think of  better occasion than the birthday week of both the Seabees and the Civil Engineer Corps! We’ll be starting this week with the first entries into two planned sub-blogs entitled “Curator’s Corner” and today’s entry, “Archivists Attic.” These will offer an opportunity to see the rich story-filled material we have in our archives and storage that are not publicly viewable in the museum.

Without further ado…

Creation of the Seabees(PDF)

Creation of the Construction Battalions


The start of it all! The downloadable PDF is a letter that proposes the need and creation of the Construction Battalions by Admiral Ben Moreell (pictured above). The letter states the need for men who not only have construction skills but that are also trained for combat and warfare. This designation and need for units that not only can build but also can fight separates the Construction Battalions, the Seabee’s, not only from civilian workers but also from the rest of the Navy, making the Seabees unique and highly skilled units.

The official letter designating the construction force as “Seabees” came on March 5 — and we’ll be sharing that later this week!


150225-N-JU810-001Meet the Archivist: Ingi House
Ingi House is originally from Kansas where she got her B.A. in history from K.U. and M.L.S. from E.S.U. After working for the Dole Institute of Politics she moved to the East Coast.  In D.C. she worked at the National Archives and Records Admiration and then at the Defense Acquisition University where she became a Certified Archivist. Her continued enjoyment of military history lead her to switching coasts and coming to work for the Seabee Museum where she is collection manager for the archives and records manager liaison