Our Cultural Expanse: Women in the Navy, 1908-1918

March is Women’s History Month, and today we begin our six-part series focusing on women in the Navy. The graphic below is one of six that was created to be a panel display in the museum. At the moment, the display is under production but we wanted to give those unable to visit the museum a chance to learn and reflect on the vital contributions women and minorities have made to the U.S. Navy.

All next week we’ll be showing each of the panel graphics, and archivist Ingi House, will dedicate a special focus to Seabee women in next week’s Archivist Attic. As always, we’d love to hear from our followers and patrons about your experiences and stories. Feel free to comment below, on our Facebook, or give us a shout on Twitter!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!Panel1bExplore our parent command, Naval History and Heritage Command‘s historical presentation: Women in the Navy.

For non-military presentations, visit the official website for Woman’s History Month.

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