Our Cultural Expanse: Women in the Navy, 1992-Present

We offer our final entry into Our Cultural Expanse: Women in the Navy.

Today’s Navy is full of opportunity for women, whose force currently stands at 68,000 active and reserve members. The final restrictions of women serving in combat were removed in 2013 by then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Adm. Michelle Howard is currently serving as the first female Vice Chief of Naval Operations and first female four-star admiral. Rear Adm. Katherine Gregory is serving as the first female chief of the Civil Engineer Corps and the commander for Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC).

And as of January of this year, the Navy began accepting applications for enlisted women to serve on submarines. Previously, only female officers had begun being integrated into the community in 2010.

Whether on land, at sea, underwater, or in the skies above, no job in the Navy, at peace or war, will be limited to a certain gender. The Navy has worked through the barriers of the past to ensure equal opportunity for ALL service members. Panel6b

Explore our parent command, Naval History and Heritage Command‘s historical presentation: Women in the Navy.

For non-military presentations, visit the official website for Woman’s History Month.

Our Cultural Expanse will continue in May as we present similar graphical presentations honoring Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

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