Our Cultural Expanse: Asian & Pacific Islanders, 1941-1945

While Japanese Americans faced discrimination at home during World War II, they, along with Chinese, Korean,  Filipinos and Pacific Islanders, found other ways to contribute, including service in sister branches of the military. Totaling more than 150,000 service members of Asian or Pacific Islander decent, they fought alongside American forces to liberate their homelands from Imperial Japanese forces.

Today’s image features Lt. Susan Ahn Cuddy, the first Asian American woman in the service when she joined the Navy under the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) program. The Seabee Museum has the distinct pleasure of hosting a talk and public presentation with Ms. Cuddy this Saturday, May 9 at 10 a.m.Panel2

Explore our parent command, Naval History and Heritage Command‘s historical presentation: Asian and Pacific Islanders.

For non-military presentations, visit the official website for Asian and Pacific American History Month.

4 comments on “Our Cultural Expanse: Asian & Pacific Islanders, 1941-1945

  1. Dan Hen says:

    Appropriate recognition . Thanks .


  2. GP Cox says:

    I hope the museum retains these new readers. A friend of mine has been there and says you deserve the exposure.


  3. The figure 150,000 really shows how much contribution was made in the war effort, from people from other South East Asian nations.
    By any chance gp,has Ms Cuddy written an autobiography ?.


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